Mr. Asok Chattopadhyay is the founder Chairman of Confidence Shipping Co. Pvt. Ltd. He has been the pioneer of many marine endeavors in India in the field of manning, marine education, research and training. He has vast experience spanning more than 40 years in Marine field. He is a Chartered Engineer and has abundant background in the field of marine related activities.
Mr. Sekhar Banerjee is the Director and Vice-President in charge of Operations. He is an ex- Marine Chief Engineer having more than 20 years of experience in personnel management. He has vast experience in ship repairs and other related activities.

Mr. Abhishek Chattopadyay is an Electronic Engineer by profession. He has successfully completed Master's Degree in Science and Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh and Master of Business Administration from Cornell University, New York. He has more than 12 years of experience working in software design, application, testing and management portfolio leading group of engineers on Robotic Process Automation.